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Mar 10th  2021 Cottage diary day 357

Covid UK; 141,847 + 190 today


Evidence shows the 37 billion pound Test-and-Trace system made no difference to the UK rates of Covid, despite 1,000 ‘consultants’ earning between £1,000 and £7,000 per day.


I take no pleasure from reading that Mr. Magafuli , Tanzania’s vehemently Covid-denying President  has been on a ventilator since Feb 27th in Nairobi, Kenya - with Covid (he later died).


Meanwhile, after a few hours : Grampy Paul - I    Ikea self-assembly cot  - 0


How truly wonderful to have Alex and Rose here - new human contact after so many weeks, a little girl in a red cord dress now talking and cheeky. My life is complete xx