Jenny Rees Mann LRPS


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Mar 9th  2021 Cottage diary day 356

Covid UK; 141,657  + 231 today


Dr. Whitty warns of a bad winter ahead if we unlock  too quickly; fishermen are driven to depression and suicide; 

Michael Gove has been called out by a team within his own department over misuse of statistics following a 68% drop in trade since Brexit; food shortages are predicted and queues for London Community food banks in London are at record levels but hey, don't look at all this stuff that is truly harming you, look at all this irrelevant crap about some rich multi-millionaire ex-Royals shall we?



We still have beautiful blue skied weather; Spring stirs, birds are nesting. Daffodils fight with crocuses and snowdrops for space in the orchard. It’s good to still behave enjoying it all.