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Mar 16th  2021 Cottage diary day 363

Covid UK; deaths 143,150, today 110


Brexit has happened, so why isn’t that £350m a week for the NHS available to find a nurses pay rise? Has there been some unexpected glitch?


We are coming to the end of our Year of Covid. It’s going to be a slow, measured progression out of our hermit-like existence.


Too many people are prepared to brush over Johnson's role in the Covid crisis. Never forget that his incompetence and lack of focus as the pandemic escalated last March/April led to additional deaths that need never have happened. (Kevin Kerrigan). Astonishing to read @bbclaurak on the early days of the pandemic:

'The PM was even heard to say: "The best thing would be to ignore it." As he repeatedly warned that an overreaction could do more harm than good.


Still, it is surprising to read of illogical, unenlightened thinking in France,  the country that produced both Louis Pasteur and René Descartes.

After a year of lockdowns, curfews, restaurant, bar, cinema, theatre, gym et al closures and the severe curtailing of freedoms, not to mention the general tanking of the economy, one would imagine the French rushing for the exit to the pandemic nightmare that vaccines offer.

But no - many are refusing to be vaccinated. Only 40% of Health workers! Quel domage.


The excitement of our first trip into Pershore for nearly a year (Paul/Opticians).

The town was so quiet, no traffic fumes in the High Street - it was like going back forty years.

So few people to see the lovely flowers everywhere. And everyone I saw was wearing a mask and social distancing. A sober air to the town not helped by all the now-empty shop premises.