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Mar 17th  2021 Cottage diary day 364

Covid UK; deaths 143,291, today 141


So, the deed is done.

Nothing in the news, but MP’s have voted through the ‘Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill’  increasing Police powers to stop peaceful protests. Government silences dissent.

Also, UK will now strike trade deals with `nations who do not meet international standards on human rights’ (as leaked by Raab during a video call)

MPs just voted to allow people to be sent to prison for 10 years for making a noise, or be annoying to, even one person outside Parliament.

The law can't stop protest. All it can do is criminalise the people for doing it. That's the path this Government has chosen. As intolerant, autocratic governments do. (J. Maugham)


And meanwhile, in ‘Leather Lane’ HS2 security staff are now targeting residents with harassment and intimidation. Jim Ashton,, who lives adjacent to Leather Lane and its Oak trees ( he had been seen pointing out the moss to the ecologist in the BBC news clips and talking about the devastation of the wildlife in Leather Lane) was with his family in their own paddock last night. He has videoed appalling thug-like behaviour by HS2 security staff who feel secure that there will be no comeback on them.



And here in River Cottage, the cycle of planting spins round once more. Where did those 12 months go?