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May 19th 2021 Cottage diary day 428

Covid UK deaths  145, 131 + 3


Led by donkeys:

Government’s advice yesterday

Environment Secretary  Eustace : trips to 'amber' countries - including most of Europe - are acceptable if people want to see friends and family.

Prime Minister later overruled this, such travel is off limits.

Health Minister Lord Bethell -holidays anywhere abroad were dangerous with foreign trips 'not for this year’ and returning holidaymakers should be electronically tagged in quarantine. 

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart -‘some people might think a holiday is essential' and so should use their 'common sense'.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock  -people should only travel to 'amber' or 'red' list countries if they have an 'exceptional reason' for doing so. 

Skills Minister Gillian Keegan:  (can someone explain what a skills ministers does? No? Maybe thats why I’ve never heard of her) deepened the chaos  - Government trusting  public to be ‘sensible’. Holidays to amber list countries are not illegal;warnings from Johnson are only ‘guidance’.


A morning of Aston’s yoga to calm me down, a dash to the mobile library (use it or lose it), lunch, rain,

Panic . . . thought I’d lost the last three months of my diary on my Mac ‘clean-up’ yesterday - false alarm but a nasty hour or two. My Time-Machine has not been backing up to My Book!!!!! Ahhh


Meanwhile. Our ‘No Mow May’ front lawn is a great success this year.

We're watching the green green grass of home as it grow grow grows,  instead of chop, chop, chopping it. Easy.