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May 14th 2021 Cottage diary day 423

Covid UK deaths  145, 105  + 28 today



May 15th 2021 Cottage diary day 424

Covid UK deaths  145, 112  + 7 today

And as I predictied a couple of days ago . . . . . .“At least 20,000 passengers who could have been infected with a virulent strain of coronavirus were allowed to enter Britain while Boris Johnson delayed imposing a travel ban from India.”The prime minister only added India to the so-called red list on April 23, three weeks after announcing a ban on flights from neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh.


Documents obtained by


reveal Home Secretary Priti Patel lobbied on behalf of a firm (represented by her former advisor Samir Jassal).

Weeks later the same firm landed a £100m+ PPE deal - without competition.The role of this former Tory parliamentary candidate and party donor in a £100m government deal to buy PPE has been revealed after an apparent admin error.

The deal for face masks was signed in July, but the names of those involved were blacked out when the contract was finally published seven months later.

A second document listed Samir Jassal, an ex-councillor who has campaigned with the PM, as the supplier's . Despite costing more than £100m, at least two hospital trusts reported issues with the fit of the masks supplied under the contract

The latest in a series of revelations about PPE deals awarded to those with government connections.



It rained today, and yesterday, and the day before.

Not sure how Stu and Ben can be playing at a gig for 100 people tonight - ah of course - its for the Royals - they do things differently to the rest of us mere subjects.  

And we have our very own family Barista now.