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May 20th 2021 Cottage diary day 429



Adding to uncertainty, EU today said that its member states will welcome fully-vaccinated Britons this summer without the need for virus tests or quarantine.     


An awful one-sided deal being done with Australia.

“There is an absolutely ferocious row going on in Whitehall Gove and Eustice are on one side, Truss and Frost on the other.”

A free trade agreement with Australia would be worth an additional 0.01-0.02 per cent of GDP over 15 years — or £200m-£500m more than 2018 levels.

“Basically we’re talking about signing off the slow death of British farming so Liz Truss can score a quick political point.”

The Welsh Government has warned that a trade deal with Australia “must not disadvantage” Wales’ farmers.

its the fUK farmers who are being done.


The rainbow chard on our homegrown farm is loving this rain (and yes, I confess, there’s more rhubarb there too)