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Mar 15th  2021 Cottage diary day 362

Covid UK; 143,040  + 64 today


This glorious ‘Lone Oak’ was probably felled today.


’Leather Lane’ is being destroyed for a HS2 temporary haulage site access:

Beautiful Oaks, well over 100 years old, supporting myriad species of wildlife in their cavities, split limbs and flaking bark, all sacrificed for convenience.

Natural England have granted no licenses to HS2 for works affecting bats at Leather Lane. Natural England hold no detailed survey information carried out by HS2.

Nesting season is well underway; nesting Blue and Great Tits, treecreepers  and many more are affected. All these trees need a thorough, aerial investigation by a professional ecologist before any work can start.

Nevertheless, the first of the doomed trees was due to be felled today, needlessly destroyed for a temporary access site. The whole nature of the ancient lane destroyed.


60% are being felled this week by contractors protected by the Government’s obsession with this project.


Please call on Natural England to halt works and insist on a full aerial survey Contact details:
Tel. 03000603900